5 Reasons Chickens & Gardens are Made for Each Other

I cannot think of a better animal to put in your garden than chickens. Some things just go together. It's almost like they are made for each other.  Here's 5 reasons why...

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#5 - Compost Spreaders

Chickens love to be hard at work. They will pick through everything and anything just to find the tiniest seed or bug. This is great if you have a compost pile. Chickens will turn your pile over for you and aerate to help it break down faster.

#4 - Reduced Pest Population

Chickens are omnivores meaning they eat pretty much anything. I have caught my chickens with a snake tail hanging out of their mouth, but that's a different story. Good news for you, they love bugs! My chickens will run around the yard aimlessly just to chase a moth or fly that flew by them. They also can see the tiniest of insects and their eggs which could be invading your plants.

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#3 - Tillage

If you have ever watched chickens for more than 2 minutes you have probably seen them scratching around at the ground. This is a natural behavior to every chicken so why not use that to our advantage? Their aggressive scratching is constant and they essentially act as a biological tiller for your garden. A group of chickens can completely tear up a yard within a few days if unmoved. 

#2 - Chicken Manure

Did you know people actually go to the store and buy chicken poop? Sounds crazy right but it actually makes perfect sense. Chicken manure acts as a wonderful fertilizer for your garden and it is rich in nutrients. If you have ever used it in your garden you know that plants love it! So why would you pay for it when you can get all the poop you want for FREE.

#1 - Reduce Feed & Waste

The number one reason to have chickens in your garden is that they can eat all of your garden waste and reduce feed cost! Imagine turning your discarded bolting lettuce into fresh eggs. We have a fairly big garden, so when we have produce we feed our chickens almost no grain, which means less cost. They live off of tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, kale, carrots, cucumbers and more. Sounds like the chickens have it pretty good right? All that would have just been thrown away and now its turned into delicious eggs for breakfast.


Are you going to get chickens for your garden?

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