How to Plant Tomatoes and Cucumbers

Florida seems like an impossible climate to grow these delicious fruits ( or vegetables?) in, but do not worry, it is possible!


Tomatoes and Cucumbers are always the prize of many gardeners harvest. The bright red tomato waiting to be picking and the juicy green cuke hanging from the trellis tend to draw our attention right away before anything else in the garden.

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How to grow Tomatoes Tomatoes on Vine how to plant cucumber cucumber on vine

The sandy soils of Central Florida provide great drainage which can prevent waterlog and root or stem rot which tend to be big problems with tomatoes and cucumbers. With ample watering during germination and transplanting, and then tapering off once the roots are fully established, these delicious veggies thrive in the Tampa Bay and Orlando Florida areas. Just make sure you don't forget to use your favorite fertilizer!


To get started you can buy Tomato Seeds or Cucumber Seeds online or at any Home Depot/ Lowes/ Tractor Supply/ Rural King.


For Tomatoes I recommend a variety that has disease resistance to Fusarium Wilt, Verticillium wilt and Blight. These are common diseases/fungi that live in much of the soil in Florida. If left untreated, overtime these diseases will kill your plants. Many of the symptoms can be prevented by using resistant Tomato varieties and having proper maintenance such as pruning and removing infected plants and debris.


For Cucumbers I would recommend a variety that has disease resistance to Powder Mildew and Mosaic Virus. Powder Mildew loves the big soft leaves of a cucumber vine so having a resistant variety can go a long way. The mildew can start growing on your cucumber fruits and eventually start choking out your plants.

 how to plant cucumbers and tomatoes

Once you have chosen your favorite seed variety find something practicle to plant your seeds in. If you want to plant hundreds of seeds it would probably be best to plant in seed trays for organization, but dixie cups or cheap plastic pots you have laying around also work well.


Fill your container with a rich soil blend. It should stick together when moist but also crumble if needed and be a dark color. Add your favorite fertilizer in a small dose. Pat down your soil and create a small indent about the size of your finger tip. Plant your seed in this indent and gently cover your seed, no need to bury it and push it down.

 How to plant tomatoes and cucumbers

Keep your seeds watered everyday and don't allow them to become completely dry or the seeds will die. It's hard to over-water seeds when they are germinating in the soil. Water with a light spray nozzle or mist. Once germinated and they begin emerging, reduce watering but still do not allow them to completely dry up.

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🍅 How to Plant Tomatoes and Cucumbers 

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