I Fed My Chickens Only Garden Scraps for 30 Days- This is What Happened

Silkie chicken on the farm

What would happen if you stopped feeding your chickens typical grain feed from the store? What if you fed then only scraps from the garden and your waste? Is this even possible?

Well we have the answer. For well over 30 days we have not fed our chickens any store bought feed or grain. Some say this is inhumane, some may say even cruel, but we say this is what chickens do!

How did all the chickens survive before modern mechanical agriculture and the efficiency of feed grain production?

Well they lived off of scraps.....

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Chickens are the ultimate recyclers. They turn our old food scraps and waste into farm fresh eggs! Everyday we pile up all our food waste near the back door to take out to the chickens. Bitter lettuce, soft tomatoes, stale cereal, kale, old bread, carrots, broccoli stalks and everything else you can think of. Anything that is edible and going in the trash, now goes to the chickens!

This has totally changed the way we think about our waste too. Before I would scrape food into the trash and now my first thought is to save it for the chickens. It cuts down on landfill waste and makes something productive out of it.

As far as our chickens go, we have seen no real change in laying or behavior. One of our chickens who wasn't laying before the experiment is now laying an egg almost everyday! This seems to be part of her cycle, but feeding no grain definitely did not slow anyone down. Another chicken was in the middle of a molt when we started the experiment. She finished up her molt and her new winter coat looks as full and shiny as ever.

So the results are in, you can have happy and healthy chickens without ever buying them any feed. When will you start?

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