My TOP 3 Homesteading New Years Resolution

This year is going to be a big year on our homestead!

We are starting off from stratch again so there will be lots of projects for us to focus on.

Here are my TOP 3 homesteading new year resolutions:


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We have not had a garden in over a year since we left our previous farm. I am really itching to activate my green thumb again and grow some fresh veggies. One of my big goals is to build a greenhouse kit on my homestead for season extension. We are now in a climate that is much colder and get snow so a green house would make a huge difference.


Previously we have had over a dozen chickens but now we are only down to one. We kept one as a family pet when we got rid of the rest of them. I am excited to get over a dozen egg layers and have cycles of meat birds for harvesting. I have never done meat birds before so I am ready to learn how to process the birds after 8 weeks.



I really want to grow enough food that I can give back to my community. We live in a small isolated community that doesn't have access to fresh veggies. We have a small food drive every month and give away free food but it is mostly canned and frozen foods, never anything fresh. The town has cattle ranches and people who do dairy, so my vegetables could fill in the gap.


Those are my New year Resolutions! Let me know yours down below.

Need seeds for your garden? Check out our collection!

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