Top 4 Crops for Beginning Gardeners

Whether you are planting your first garden or your 40th garden, we all like vegetables that are easy to grow! Here are a few crops that are guaranteed to get you off to a good start.

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Lettuce believe it or not is so easy to grow! It's also delicious and a great way to cut down on your grocery bill. Once you try your first home grown salad, you will be hooked.

You can start you lettuce as transplants a month before putting them out, or direct seed them right into the ground. If you want full heads of lettuce, go for the transplanting and make sure to give them at least 6 inches of space. If you want baby lettuce, go for the direct seeding method and make sure to use your favorite seeder. (Check out: My Favorite Seeder Review )


Radishes grow like weeds in our climate! With the ability to thrive on minimal fertilizer, watering and diverse weather conditions, we love growing radishes. I have also noticed very low pest pressure for my radishes and don't use any preventive methods.

We always direct seed them, because they are a root crop. Transplanting root crops can cause stunted growth and problems with the bulb forming. Since they grow so abundantly, they make great feed for animals as well. During radish season our chickens get fresh radishes and radish tops almost everyday!



Kale is one of the most cold hearty crops. I have seen people growing it in snow underneath of row covers. It is also very heat resistant and slow to bolt under stress. None of my personal kale is bolted and that's through a hot Florida summer. If you still are struggling with kale make sure you sign up (Please Subscribe) for our newsletter so we can help you grow your best garden!

It can also be direct seeded or transplanted like lettuce. If you want nice big kale leaves for your sandwich or to chop up, then definitely transplant your kale. If you would rather have baby leaves for your salad then go for the transplanting method. Our favorite variety for transplanting is Dinosaur Kale and for direct seeding is Red Russian Kale.


Peppers are a great way for beginnings to get into fruiting plants. Peppers are able to take more abuse and neglect than more delicate plants like tomatoes or cucumbers. Don't go for the big bell peppers right away, go for a smaller variety called lunchbox peppers. You will have more peppers on your plant and they are less susceptible to disease.

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