Top 5 Ways Permaculture Can Improve Your Garden

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Permaculture and its principles can be incorporated into any garden or farm.

Lets look at the top 5 things you can do to improve your garden with permacutlure...

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#5 Design and Efficiency

A key principle is designing your garden in a way that is efficient, maximizes space and works for you. Many different designs have been used such as the keyhole garden which is used for maximum space and for easy access from all sides. It's also important to have your permaculture garden in a location that has ease of access and is close to resources such as water.

#4 Biodiversity

Biodiversity means have to have a variety of different plants and animals on your farm or garden. It helps to break pest cycles and prevent an outbreak of pests or disease. In a monoculture setting, if an outbreak happens, all the plants or animals will be effected because they are all the same. With biodiversity, the outbreak stops when it encounters a different type of plant or animals that it cannot spread to.

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#3 No Till

Reducing tillage in your garden has immediate benefits for your garden. Inside your soil there are billions of microorganism that work hard to feed your plants. They break down all the good stuff in the soil and make it available to your plants. Think of them as the stomach and intestine for the ground. A lot of the same bacteria that are in the soil are actually in your intestines. When you till the ground you destroy the colonies that these microorganism are building in the soil. This reduces the ability of your soil to transfer nutrients to your plants roots. These beneficial soil bacterium have also been shown to fight plant diseases and reduce pest pressure. So don't till and keep them around!

#2 Less Water

The ability to save water and resources is critical. Wood chips and swales are a staple in permaculture. Swales are perfect for bigger project such as orchards. They allow us to use the contour of the land to capture water and sink it into the ground. Wood chips act as a skin for the ground and protect it from the harsh sun which increases evaporation. They also act as a sponge and absorb water that they can later release back into the soil. Over time wood chips break down and add organic matter to the soil as well which helps water retention.

#1 Animals

Using animals has to be one of the most important parts of permacutlure. Permaculture is all about finding the natural cycles and using them to our advantage. Animals have a natural waste stream (poop) which can be turned into a resource for us. Chicken manure is great fertilizer and cow manure is great for organic matter building. They also have a natural motion that can be used for our advantage as free labor. Chickens love to scratch the ground and cows love to mow the grass. Why not use that natural motion on the farm?

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