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This is Why Drip Irrigation is KING - How to Install Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is the most efficient way to water your vegetable garden. The drip tape delivers water straight to the roots of your garden while the ground acts as a sponge soaking up all the water. This is perfect for crops such as tomatoes or cucumbers who don't like water to get onto their leaves which can encourage fungus and disease. Need seeds for your garden? Check out our collection!   The first step to installing your drip irrigation system is to establish your main line. Your main line acts as your main water line that you connect your drip tape rows to. You want to use 1/2 poly tubing main line which you can buy at any Home...

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How Joel Salatin & Polyface Farms Changed the Face of Modern Agriculture

When Joel Salatin speaks, people listen. His influence on modern agriculture is undeniable and his name is recognized by almost every aspiring farmer. He's a voice of hope in the increasingly mechanized and industrialized farmscape. But what makes Joel and Polyface Farms stand out from the crowd? They do things different. And they have been doing it different for almost 60 years.

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How to Plant Tomatoes and Cucumbers

 Florida seems like an impossible climate to grow these delicious fruits ( or vegetables?) in, but do not worry, it is possible!   Tomatoes and Cucumbers are always the prize of many gardeners harvest. The bright red tomato waiting to be picking and the juicy green cuke hanging from the trellis tend to draw our attention right away before anything else in the garden.   The sandy soils of Central Florida provide great drainage which can prevent waterlog and root or stem rot which tend to be big problems with tomatoes and cucumbers. With ample watering during germination and transplanting, and then tapering off once the roots are fully established, these delicious veggies thrive in the Tampa Bay and...

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